Our investment philosophy

Bridgeport believe the key to successful investing is financial literacy and hence investment education is core to the service we provide. Financial literacy empowers investors to remain focused on their long term financial goals required to provide the best opportunity of meeting client’s needs & objectives.

Bridgeport investment beliefs are:

  • Capital preservation is the core belief and starting point for investment advice
  • Diversification is the primary tool used to preserve capital
  • Clients will only be exposed to investment risk if we believe the return is adequate to compensate
  • Investors need some ‘risk’ to be able to generate capital growth over the long term
  • Investing is about being patient and investing for the long term in quality assets
  • Quality assets are regarded as transparent business models where the driver of earnings is easily understood
  • Certain markets are less efficient than others and hence we believe there can be a role for both active & passive investment management styles
  • Some alternative investments can add value in a diversified portfolio due to the different risk/ return characteristics they generate and hence the low correlations to traditional asset classes. We define alternative investments as skill based strategies that are not dependent on asset class betas in the returns generated. Characteristics of these strategies include complexity; use of leverage & derivatives, short selling and FUM is capacity constrained
  • Investment advice should be consistent for all clients
  • Specialist skills are required to manage differing asset class strategies and hence professional investment management is employed. This also provides convenient and diversified portfolios
  • To co-ordinate, administer efficiently and provide tax friendly reporting, investment platforms are the primary investment vehicle used